Why I Love MR: An Interview with Sian Douglas

Posted by AMC Global on Mar 11, 2024 5:15:00 AM

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Welcome to our "Why I Love MR" Q&A Series! We have talked with both internal AMC Staff and some of our clients, so keep an eye out for fun interviews coming up exploring all the reasons why those of us who work in market research are so passionate about what we do! Interested in being interviewed and sharing why YOU love MR? Reach out to us.

Here we get a chance to know Sian Douglas, Senior Project Director at AMC Global, a little bit better...

A lot of little kids want to be astronauts, firefighters, or doctors when they grow up. Few five year olds would tell you, “When I get older, I want to be a market researcher!” How did you first get involved in market research, and what drew you to it? 

SIAN: Market research is a field that I was looking for but didn’t know the name of for a long time. My background is in Economics and my research prior to MRx revolved around digging into insights and tracking for Public Policy. (Not too dissimilar from what I do now, just with a twist!) It was only after a chat with a Mount Holyoke Alum that the puzzle pieces fell into place. I described my dream job and left that conversation with the name of the discipline and a recommendation for a uniquely wonderful group who care about the nitty-gritty details as much as I do. Now, I’m knee-deep in unraveling the ‘whys’, crunching data, and storytelling. Funny how things work out.

What has surprised you most about working in market research and insights? 

SIAN: Considering my journey into Market Research, I knew that MRx was a niche field of talented researchers and storytellers. So, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer abundance of resources readily available—webinars, blogs, and online courses. MRx stands out as a shining star, offering significant growth opportunities and keeping a pulse on the latest market research trends. Kudos to the Market Research community, I’m grateful to be a part of it.


Surprise! You’ve been given unlimited resources to study anything in the world. What does this passion project look like? What would you discover? 

SIAN: A big tea enthusiast here! As a sign of dedication (during my days of AP Human Geography), I delved into all the possible details of a single bag of tea. The search (from the library and a couple of phone calls) took me all over the world in terms of production and processing of the tea leaves, the sourcing of the silk bag and string, to even the printing press for the label attached to the string. 

Now with my current data background and knowledge, my curiosity extends to the international tea industry from a consumer perspective. I would dig into the big questions, what is the best tea out there, why people start drinking tea, what does the future of tea look like? I would love the opportunity to crunch that data myself, all while enjoying a cuppa.


Market research studies come in all shapes and sizes, from quick claims and message tests, to large and complex conjoint analysis, to getting your feet on the ground with in-depth qualitative interviews. What’s your favorite methodology or research approach?

SIAN: My current top pick? Custom mixed-methods. While I lean towards quant, (don’t get me wrong, it’s my favorite, but…) the blend of qual and quant is surprisingly satisfying. Whether it's validating quantitative findings or delving into consumer or HCP perspectives, it's a powerful tool—especially for venturing into uncharted territories.


What do you feel are hot topics and cutting-edge innovations in the market research field today? How do you feel this will shape the future of insights careers?

SIAN: The hot topic right now is AI, as we continue to explore its role and potential benefits. I anticipate AI is here to stay and it’s set to play a big role in the future, shaping the landscape of insights by enhancing efficiency or developing valuable tools for analytics and data driven research.

What would you tell someone who is considering a career in market research? 

SIAN: There’s a lot of satisfaction that comes from a career in Market Research, and when I look at the market researchers I admire, I see critical thinkers and versatile subject matter experts who never stop learning. They leave no stone unturned, approach new challenges with creativity, and are always ready to think outside of the box. If that resonates with their career interests, keep asking questions and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge online to kickstart their own journey.

Thank you, Sian!


Why do YOU love market research? Let us know, and maybe you can be our next guest in this series!