Why I Love MR: An Interview with Drevin Shafer

Posted by AMC Global on May 22, 2023 9:50:00 AM

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Welcome to our "Why I Love MR" Q&A Series! We have talked with both internal AMC Staff and some of our clients, so keep an eye out for fun interviews coming up exploring all the reasons why those of us who work in market research are so passionate about what we do!  Interested in being interviewed and sharing why YOU love MR? Reach out to us.

Here we get a chance to know AMC's Drevin Shafer, Senior Project Director, a little bit better...


A lot of little kids want to be astronauts, firefighters, or doctors when they grow up. Few five year olds would tell you, “When I get older, I want to be a market researcher!” How did you first get involved in market research, and what drew you to it? 

DREVIN: I graduated with my bachelors in marketing in the Spring of 2020… so not the best time to find a job. I had taken a market research course in undergrad and loved the class and professor so I reached out to him to see what I should do. He mentioned there was an MMR (masters in marketing research) program at the school that I would be a great fit for. What really appealed to me about MR is the ‘why’ behind consumer decision making. It can be valuable to simply look at and acknowledge consumer trends, but to be able to adapt to them and even predict them is something that is far more valuable, so it really piqued my interest.

What has surprised you most about working in market research and insights?

DREVIN: How small of a world this industry really is. A lot of people have access to the same information we do, but what we’re able to do with that information really sets us apart.

Surprise! You’ve been given unlimited resources to study anything in the world. What does this passion project look like? What would you discover?

DREVIN: I would love to study the when, where, and why of people and music. For me, like most people, music is very therapeutic and what I listen to depends on my mood, who I’m with, and where I am. This sounds like it would fit nicely with a more qual focused approach, like a community. That would be very interesting to dig into!

Market research studies come in all shapes and sizes, from quick claims and message tests, to large and complex conjoint analysis, to getting your feet on the ground with in-depth qualitative interviews. What’s your favorite methodology or research approach?

DREVIN: Focus groups are one of my favorite approaches… This roundtable-like discussion usually delivers insights with depth that you couldn’t achieve from a survey alone.. Consumers have a voice in all our research (that’s the point), but qualitative methodologies really get into the nitty gritty of why they believe and act the way in which they do.

What do you feel are hot topics and cutting-edge innovations in the market research field today? How do you feel this will shape the future of insights careers?

DREVIN: Sustainability is certainly a hot topic… however, research has shown that consumers usually are not willing to spend the extra money to help make this happen. That’s why it’s important to not always believe what they say, but rather, what they do. 

What would you tell someone who is considering a career in market research? 

DREVIN: Everyday is different, and with each day comes a new insight that you never considered. I’ve only been in the industry for a couple of years, but it has already opened my mind to so many different ways of thinking.

Thank you, Drevin!


Why do YOU love market research? Let us know, and maybe you can be our next guest in this series!