Why I Love MR: An Interview with Brenna Wolf

Posted by AMC Global on Dec 28, 2023 6:40:00 PM

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Welcome to our "Why I Love MR" Q&A Series! We have talked with both internal AMC Staff and some of our clients, so keep an eye out for fun interviews coming up exploring all the reasons why those of us who work in market research are so passionate about what we do! Interested in being interviewed and sharing why YOU love MR? Reach out to us.

Here we get a chance to know Brenna Wolf, Research Manager at AMC Global, a little bit better...


A lot of little kids want to be astronauts, firefighters, or doctors when they grow up. Few five year olds would tell you, “When I get older, I want to be a market researcher!” How did you first get involved in market research, and what drew you to it? 

BRENNA: I was a Psychology major in college – I loved the field and it was so general that it could be applied to just about any career path. I knew I didn’t want to become a therapist, the traditional route of a Psychology major, so I started taking classes that used applied psychology, like Industrial/Organizational, Sports Psychology, etc. Eventually, I found my way to Consumer Psychology. From there, I did a little research on exactly how to make a career out of it and bam! There was market research. I’d always wanted to know why people bought the things they did. It was a match made in heaven. 

What has surprised you most about working in market research and insights? 

BRENNA: The logistics – people don’t think about HOW you get to the insights until you’re asked to basically start a project from scratch. It’s like, “ok, now what? Where do I even begin?” I’m also constantly amazed by just how much there is to learn. Everyday is a new challenge, a new opportunity.


Surprise! You’ve been given unlimited resources to study anything in the world. What does this passion project look like? What would you discover? 

BRENNA: I’ve always had an interest in the Automobile industry. Why does someone choose one brand over another, one model, one type, etc. I would love to do either shop-alongs with someone or an IDI while they do research, or even a PFU of sorts across makes and models!


Market research studies come in all shapes and sizes, from quick claims and message tests, to large and complex conjoint analysis, to getting your feet on the ground with in-depth qualitative interviews. What’s your favorite methodology or research approach?

BRENNA: I LOVE a good Brand Stretch project. Seeing the potential products in the works per the client, understanding how they shake out in the minds of consumers and where they give their permission to play. Segmentations are also really cool – a comprehensive mix of behavioral and attitudinal data to cluster the general population? Sign me up! Plus, I love going through as myself and seeing what segments I belong to in our various clients’ segmentations.


What do you feel are hot topics and cutting-edge innovations in the market research field today? How do you feel this will shape the future of insights careers?

BRENNA: AI, hands down. It’s the current hot-button, buzzworthy innovation. I hope it gets integrated and improves every facet possible. But as a tool, an aid, not a replacement. It’s meant to help us do our jobs better.


What would you tell someone who is considering a career in market research? 

BRENNA: Get ready to learn and get your hands dirty – the best way to acquire knowledge and experience, is just to DO. Theory is the first step, the second step is even more important – execution.

Thank you, Brenna!


Why do YOU love market research? Let us know, and maybe you can be our next guest in this series!