We write about greenwashing for Quirk's

Posted by AMC Global on Aug 15, 2023 10:23:25 AM

Miriam Konz, AMC Global EVP, recently published the article "Differentiating sustainability messaging in a climate of bad actors" in Quirk’s. In the article, Miriam talks about how combating greenwashing is crucial for sustainable brands to retain consumer trust and positive brand image. Market research insights can help brands build the needed authenticity, transparency and credibility—serving as a pivotal force to combat greenwashing and drive meaningful change.

AMC Greenwashing

Countering Greenwashing

Savvy consumers are quick to spot greenwashing tactics like vague labels and misleading claims. Understanding consumer perceptions, enabling targeted product and production improvements and uncovering new communication and messaging strategies can be bolstered using approaches like MessageFilter™ and Shopper Research. These insights into consumer behavior and expectations helps brands align sustainability initiatives in ways that reinforce authenticity and enhance consumer trust.


Educating Consumers

Miriam goes on to discuss how to take insights a step further by saying “Not only can the insights from marketing research be used to inform initiatives, they can be employed to enable the development of educational campaigns that provide truly accurate information.” Insights can drive consumer education, empowering informed consumer choices and greater understanding which also help combat perceived greenwashing. To learn more, check out the article in Quirk’s


Getting Sustainability Certifications

The article, "Differentiating sustainability messaging in a climate of bad actors", also discusses the proliferation of food and beverage and personal care product certifications available in today’s world and how market research can identify which certifications resonate with consumers. Brands can partner with credible certifying bodies, offering consumers assurance and trust in their sustainability claims.


Overall, the right market research is an essential tool in the fight against greenwashing. Brands that embrace insights gain a competitive edge while steering the path towards authentic sustainability and away from greenwashing. To learn more, please check out Miriam's article in Quirk’s, or reach out to us!