White Paper: Sustainability Practices & Impact on Shopper Behavior

Posted by AMC Global on Aug 11, 2022 10:09:19 AM

Ongoing research into consumer behavior shows complex sentiments and brand perceptions surrounding sustainability practices

Today AMC Global released a new white paper, “How Your Brand’s Sustainable Practices Are Impacting Shopper Behavior.” The paper outlines the firm’s original research into consumer opinions and behavior in response to brand sustainability actions such as: environmentally friendly packaging; ingredient sourcing; manufacturing; and supply chain practices. It also looks at the impact of sustainable practices on brand perception, and how that contributes to market success.

“In this paper, we wrapped up key insights from our ongoing study to help brands understand how shifts to environmentally conscious practices in a variety of arenas can impact consumer behavior,” says Lea Ben-Akiva, Executive Vice President at AMC Global. “There is no doubt that market research can help companies discover if a shift to more environmentally responsible business practices will positively or negatively impact consumer preference.”

Just a few of the insights included in the paper:

  • Packaging: In our ongoing consumer behavior study, 23% report that sustainable or environmentally-friendly packaging is “extremely important” to them, 39% report that it is “very important.” But that is balanced by concerns about safety—like wanting certain food products to be individually wrapped and/or have internal packaging.

  • Ingredient Sourcing: From our study, we found that 47% of respondents are looking for sustainably sourced products in stores when making purchase decisions. Companies that source ingredients from sustainable sources have a direct reduction in greenhouse gas production.

  • Manufacturing and Supply Chain: With 45% of respondents from our ongoing study claiming to look for brands making positive impacts on sustainability, a greater lens has been placed on behind-the-scenes sustainability practices like manufacturing and transport.

“How Your Brand’s Sustainable Practices Are Impacting Shopper Behavior” provides important metrics surrounding consumer perceptions of sustainability practices, as well as advice on how to discover and apply insight around the topic of sustainability on a practical basis. The paper also outlines various market research approaches that are key to understanding your audience on this topic. Access a complete copy of the paper here.

AMC Global has been exploring a number of topics through their ongoing study on consumer behavior and sentiment. The data unveils important metrics about what people are buying, how they are viewing different brands, and other timely information that helps businesses understand what their audiences want. You can access all waves of the study here: https://blog.amcglobal.com/consumer-behavior-study-round-up

Some of the research approaches we look at in the paper include PackPulse™,  ProductPulse™ and MessageFilter™. Get the paper to learn more!. Contact us for more information.