Path to Purchase Live: Opportunity Awaits

Posted by AMC Global on Oct 24, 2021 11:56:32 AM

On Thursday, November 4, our Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Innovation, Shira Horn, will be presenting at Path to Purchase Live on “Opportunity Awaits: Finding the White Space for No-Low Alcohol Beverages.” Path to Purchase LIVE: The Digital Experience is an all-new, highly-interactive education event showcasing success stories and unveiling timely consumer behavior research—including a brand-new Adult Beverage Marketing Forum, where Shira will be presenting. Register for the event to discover new strategies and tools to enact and drive sales after a period of unprecedented changes in how consumers discover, consider and make purchase decisions.


Finding the White Space for No-Low Alcohol Beverages

During Shira’s interactive presentation on November 4 at 12:40 PM Eastern, she will explore no alcohol and low alcohol beverage choices for adults in the quickly growing no-low category. The presentation digs into how brands must understand this emerging segment of adult beverage consumers—and how identifying, developing and launching the RIGHT products and services is a critical component of successful organizational growth and consistent market success in this burgeoning beverage space.

AMC Global Mocktails

The Future of Alcohol

In her recent article with Path to Purchase Institute, “The Future of Alcohol is Deliciously Healthy,” Shira digs into how pandemic health concerns as well as shifts in generational attitudes toward drinking have created high interest in low- and no-alcohol beverage options. AMC Global’s ongoing consumer research study into the no-low alcohol trend shows that two out of five American adults are interested in low- and no-alcohol beer, wine and spirits with “mocktails,” or non-alcoholic cocktails, at the top of this category. 


Using Market Research for Success

During the presentation at Path to Purchase LIVE, Shira will look with attendees at where consumer preference or future innovation opportunities may exist, and how brands can use discovery market research to understand the white space in this emerging arena. The session will cover market research approaches like brand stretch (where brands can test ideas through qualitative consumer research in conjunction with a quantitative study) and white space opportunity mapping (where brands can look at claims and ingredients for a potential new no-low product expansion). 

Join us to learn more about not only the quickly growing no-low vertical, but also to dig into some creative research approaches that can help ensure market success in many categories.