Top Five Packaging Design Adjustments to Consider for the Online Shopper

Posted by AMC Global on Jan 27, 2022 2:14:52 PM

Get your list of the top five things to consider when designing product packaging and labels for the online shopping environment, and how to discover the best changes via market research

We just released a listicle tip sheet “Top Five Packaging Design Adjustments to Consider for the Online Shopper” to share advice for rebranding and/or changing the visual identity of packaging to help bolster success in the ever-growing online shopping environment. Since the pandemic began, we have seen growth in online shopping and e-commerce. We have also seen the importance first-hand of helping brands—through effective market research approaches—adjust products to fit this environment. 

The key packaging adjustments to consider are: 

  • Designing packaging to stand out on the digital shelf
  • Creating clear and concise claims for online product display
  • Getting inventive with pack display online
  • Adjusting physical packaging for products sold online
  • Staying true to the brand, even while making adjustments for e-commerce environments

You can access the “Top Five Packaging Design Adjustments to Consider for the Online Shopper” listicle here. 

There are many ways to gain insight to make these adjustments, such as using market research techniques like PackPulse™ and MessageFilter™.

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