Low and No Alcohol Beverage Popularity Rising

Posted by AMC Global on Jul 29, 2021 11:16:25 AM

Our ongoing study shows two-in-five Americans are interested in Low or No Alcohol beverages, with mocktails topping the list

The latest wave of our ongoing consumer opinion study, conducted in partnership with OpinionRoute, was released today. We looked at Americans' growing interest in Low-No Alcohol beers, spirits, wines and “mocktails.” The study explored what features Low-No Alcohol consumers are looking for in these beverages, with properties like ready to drink (RTD), low calorie and all-natural topping the list. Preferred functional ingredients include added vitamins, anti-oxidants and zero sugar. The research also collected preference on packaging in this beverage category, with most preferring single-serve glass bottles for their Low-No Alcohol beverage choices. 

You can see a full graphic representation of Low or No Alcohol beverage interest here or click on the callout below.


Key Findings About Low or No Alcohol Beverage Choices in the U.S.: 

  • Fifty percent of respondents report interest in the Low-No Alcohol beverage category, with 32% most interested in mocktails (cocktails without alcoholic liquor), 28% in low-no wine.

  • Properties of Low-No Alcohol beverages Americans are looking for include Ready to Drink (53%), Low Calorie (48%), Offers Variety (46%), All Natural (37%). 

  • Ingredients sought include Vitamins (52%), Anti-Oxidants (48%), Zero Sugars/Sweeteners (46%), Electrolytes (45%), Probiotics (37%) and CBD-infused (26%).

  • Preferred packaging for Low-No Alcohol beverages includes single serve glass bottles (65%), single serve cans (62%), multi-serve glass bottles, and single serve plastic bottles (46%).

This study defined low-no alcohol beverages as options for people who want an adult beverage without all the alcohol of their traditional counterparts. While the definition differs by region, no-alcohol beer, spirits, wine and other alcohol replacement beverages contain less than 0.5% ABV. Beers defined as low-alcohol contain between 0.5% ABV and 3.5% ABV, while low-alcohol wines are under 7.5% ABV. 

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