Five ideas for for giving back in a time of great need

Posted by AMC Global on Apr 17, 2020 2:00:00 PM

We know both from our own human experience and some initial research that we’ve conducted that giving back and contributing to the greater good is more important than ever during this global crisis. What better place to turn for ideas than to our awesome team members at AMC Global? We did a quick poll of our employees and found that they’re giving back in a wide variety of ways. Here are just a few. 


Neighborhood watch: A great place to start your effort is right at home, or close by. Your neighbors, including but not limited to those who are elderly or at-risk, may require a little extra support during these strange times. Shira Horn, EVP of Corporate Strategy and Innovation, is checking in on her neighbors regularly to make sure they have the food and supplies they need. Others are doing weekly shopping and sanitizing the purchased items for older neighbors who shouldn’t go out.


Social support: Isolating with your immediate family is one thing, but we all know people who are sheltering alone or in challenging situations. Checking in with single friends who are facing the quarantine solo, and setting up video chats with people who may need a friendly ear or face is important during these strange times. We also connect with each other here at AMC with happy hour video chats, see our happy faces below...


Family first: Elderly relatives can also become anxious and depressed, so keep them in mind. Alison Young, Associate Project Director says: “I have been making a point to FaceTime with my grandparents to ensure they get the social interaction they need and are used to getting.” Sending something physically can also be nice. Alison Hansberry, Senior Project Director, has been sending flowers to her grandmother and Nicole Thomas, Research Director, has been supplying her mom with a steady stream of books, puzzles, coloring books and even cards from her dog. 


Shopping local: Emily Trentacosta, our Research Director, is supporting local farmers in her area with grocery purchases, paying for “live” yoga classes with her favorite teachers to keep them afloat during closures, and buying delivered toys and books from local shops. Our Production Coordinator, Nicole Lombardi, actually developed some online tools that allow customers to view and place bids on a local auction-style shop’s entire inventory, without having to come into the store.


Donate if you can: Emily Izbicki, Senior Research Manager, is donating to local community efforts, as well as the CDC (which has corporate matching – so donations can go further). Many charities have had to forego important fundraising events during social distancing, so supporting them with online donations can go a long way in them continuing to provide important services to your community. Donating doesn’t always mean giving cash. Emily Wright, Senior Project Director has been giving blood in the face of nationwide supply shortages.  


Almost everyone we talked with was shopping for a family member in order to minimize the need for them to go to the store and risk exposure. Even if it seems like a small gesture, a little bit of kindness and small acts of service can go a long way in getting us all through this situation. Thanks to our employees for sharing the ways they are helping others! 


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