Consumers and Sustainability: Ways to Innovation and Communication

Posted by AMC Global on Dec 8, 2022 10:26:42 AM

Consumer market research firm AMC Global releases tip sheet to meet top consumer concerns regarding the sustainability arm of corporate ESG practices

What: A tips and insights sheet “Consumers and Sustainability: Ways to Innovation and Communication” was published today by AMC Global, an international custom market research firm specializing in launch strategies and brand tracking. 

The content asset shares tips for how brands can pivot product development to make sure sustainability innovations can dovetail with top consumer concerns like convenience, price and taste; what market research approaches to use to discover consumer insights around these issues; and how companies can best communicate about  ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues to their audiences. It was created in response to AMC Global’s recent study on corporate ESG practices that uncovered insights about all areas of ESG—including a deep dive into Environmental issues.

Key Consumer Environmental Concerns Addressed: 

  • Air and Water Quality Preservation
  • Adherence to Conservation Standards
  • Waste Management & Reducing Pollution

You can access the “Consumers and Sustainability: Ways to Innovation and Communication” sheet here.