We write about consumer skepticism for The Plant-Based Magazine

Posted by AMC Global on Mar 1, 2024 11:11:00 PM

Recently AMC Global's EVP, Shira Horn, contributed an article to The Plant-Based Magazine exploring the rising popularity of plant-based foods amidst skepticism on taste, health benefits, environmental claims, and affordability.

Using our recent study with New Culture as an example, Shira looks at some of the cutting-edge plant-based products being produced in recent times.

While taste remains a significant concern for consumers, advancements in food technology are improving plant-based product quality in terms of flavor—and also on the nutritional front. Despite doubts about nutritional adequacy on some fronts like protein, vitamins and minerals, balanced plant-based diets can actually offer various health benefits including lower cholesterol and reduced risk of chronic diseases.

The article by Shira also focuses on how plant-based or animal-free products can help meet consumers' sustainability concerns. Environmentally, plant-based foods have a lower ecological footprint, and avoid concerns about animal cruelty. This can be a large advantage in the marketplace, where consumers are looking for more socially and environmentally responsible products. Shira also discusses how cost and accessibility challenges can contribute to consumer skepticism but are gradually being addressed with increased demand.

These issues were also explored in the "A Cheese Revolution," the market research report from our consumer insights study on animal-free cheese with New Culture.

Overcoming skepticism requires deep consumer understanding and product evolution. As the industry continues to innovate, more accessible, nutritious, and flavorful plant-based options emerge. To learn how to keep up, read our article in The Plant-Based Magazine or reach out to us!