Consumers Have Intentions to Limit Alcohol Intake in the New Year

Posted by AMC Global on Dec 1, 2023 12:05:51 PM

New wave of ongoing consumer behavior study looks at current American views and attitudes about alcohol consumption

AMC Global and OpinionRoute have released the latest wave of our consumer behavior study. This wave of the study looks at the ways and the reasons people who drink alcoholic beverages manage their consumption, and how that may change in 2024.

For a full representation of the data, click the callout below or go here.

AMC Study Alcohol 2023 2024-2

Key findings from the latest study:

  • Of those who consume alcohol, 62% will try to limit their alcohol consumption in some way in 2024. Consumers (63%) also reported that they tried to limit their alcohol consumption in 2023.

  • Some of the ways these consumers limited alcohol intake in 2023 were: limiting the amount of alcohol consumed at a given occasion (31%); drinking only at social events (23%); drinking only on specific days of the week (22%); drinking only when out of the home (17%). On average, 50% were successful in taking these measures to limit intake of these beverages.

  • The top reason people report trying to limit alcohol intake is for health concerns (83%). Specifically: to be healthier overall (62%); to lose weight (35%); because of a health issue (11%); recommended by a healthcare professional (7%); or negatively impacts my workouts (6%). Others cited the costs of alcoholic beverages (23%).

A complete representation of the “Managing Alcohol Consumption and Health Concerns” study can be found here. These insights were collected Friday, November 3 – Sunday, November 5 among a general population of n=802 U.S. consumers age 21+ who consume alcoholic beverages. The findings from this ongoing study are designed to help clients and industry leaders navigate quickly changing consumer behavior.