Changing Habits During COVID-19

Posted by AMC Global on Jan 28, 2021 3:34:50 PM

The pandemic has impacted the marketplace as consumers shift shopping, cooking and personal habits.

The latest wave of our ongoing study with OpinionRoute was released today. Study respondents relayed changing behaviors and habits that have happened during the COVID-19 pandemic, indicating that the lack of out-of-home dining has resulted in more homemade meals (from scratch) followed by desserts and fresh produce (over canned/frozen). Also, most respondents consider themselves more careful in their behavior and concerns about the virus than people they know.

You can see a full graphic representation of the data here, or by clicking the callout below.

AMC Home Prep 2021

Key findings for the week of January 25: 

  • Seventy-four percent of Americans who have cut back on restaurant and bar visits report preparing meals at home from scratch as a means of making up for restaurant food. Sixteen percent report creating fancy cocktails at home.

  • Habits have also shifted in other areas like 41% spending more on groceries (6% spending less); 32% eating snacks more often (7% eating snacks less often); 35% eating desserts more often (16% less often).

  • Sixteen percent report purchasing more premium brands during the pandemic, with 19% purchasing more value brands. Eighteen percent report purchasing more new/new-to-them brands since the pandemic onset, 30% sticking to their regular brands.

  • When asked about personal concerns regarding COVID-19, 47% of respondents claim to be “much more careful in my behavior and concerned about the virus” than others, with 28% somewhat more careful, and 17% similar in concern level to friends.

A complete graphic representation of consumer habit changes is available here.

Habits and behaviors have undergone tremendous shifts over the past year. How can your brand keep up? Reach out to us to learn more about market research solutions that can ensure your marketplace success.