Brand Experience Magazine: Plastic Packaging Alternatives

Posted by AMC Global on Aug 12, 2021 10:40:52 PM

Our Vice President of Strategy and Insights, Dacey Mayhoff, recently wrote for Brand Experience Magazine titled "Consumers Call on Brands to Find Alternatives to Plastic Packaging." We recently conducted a study on plastics and packaging for our ongoing consumer research study, and Dacey was able to dig deep into the research and consumer trends to share with BXP readers. 


In the article, Dacey discusses how consumer demand has been steadily increasing for sustainability, recyclability and reduced plastics in product packaging. The marketplace has seen a rise in importance on both sides—brands and consumers—resulting in more packaging alternatives on the shelves. The piece goes on to discuss how incorporating sustainable packaging and reducing plastic usage has an impact on brand image that needs to be considered. Check out Consumers Call on Brands to Find Alternatives to Plastic Packaging to learn more about how your brand can make the switch, successfully, or reach out to us.