Brand Identity and Inclusivity: What you need to know

Posted by AMC Global on Oct 30, 2020 2:25:58 PM

In a world that is calling for social justice and inclusivity, many well-known companies are closely reviewing and changing their brand identities.

And these highly recognizable brands that we see changing identities either have imagery or names that could be considered racially divisive, insensitive, or promoting inequality in some way. These moves are not just knee-jerk reactions. Brands know that consumers are looking for them to take a stand, and “walk the walk” when it comes to social issues. In fact, our research shows that people are watching brands closely right now, so being silent is not an option.

While rebranding and packaging design modifications are a critical step in an effort to eliminate racial bias, there are some challenges that are inherent with any brand refresh. Companies do not want to rebuild decades worth of brand equity and recognition.

Here at AMC Global, we have put together five tips for successfully rebranding and changing the visual identity of your packaging to help ensure continuity, even while changing an identity to meet current social pressures and challenges. Download "FIVE THINGS You Need to Know Before Changing Your Brand to be More Inclusive" today! 


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