AMC Global Writes for Beverage Daily on Functional Ingredients

Posted by AMC Global on Jun 7, 2022 9:53:11 AM

We have all seen it on the store shelves and coolers, beverages with functional ingredients promising everything from heart health to better sleep to digestive support.  Our executive vice president Miriam Konz writes about why we are seeing more and more functional ingredient additions to our beverages in her article for Beverage Daily, “Form AND function: The reasons behind the functional ingredient beverage trend.”


This latest placement in Beverage Daily follows us exploring many facets of the beverage space, including looks at the no-low alcohol categories in Understanding the No-Low Wine Category and No and Low Alcohol Beer is Here to Stay.


Here at AMC Global, we have been keeping an eye on many adult beverage trends–and wellness ingredients is certainly a space to watch. In our ongoing consumer study, we found that one in three people have recently formed a diet plan with high protein, vitamin rich and low carb protocols leading the way. People are also looking for increased energy—a popular functional addition to many beverages. Functional ingredients, like vitamins, antioxidants and zero sugar, are in high demand.


In the article, Miriam discusses this demand for functional ingredients meeting at the intersection of health, wellness, and conscious consumption trends among consumers—and how brands will need a deep understanding of human behavior to meet consumers with products they desire. You can take a deeper look in her article, “Form AND function: The reasons behind the functional ingredient beverage trend.


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