Alcohol Consumption Behaviors since COVID-19

Posted by AMC Global on Sep 17, 2020 3:08:08 PM

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New AMC Global White Paper Explores Alcohol Consumption Behaviors since COVID-19

Ongoing research into consumer sentiment and behaviors uncovers data on American’s drinking habits over the past few months

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Blue Bell, PA - 17 September 2020 - AMC Global, an international custom market research firm specializing in launch strategies, has released a new white paper, “Americans are saying ‘Cheers’ more often.” The paper outlines the firm’s research into consumer behavior when it comes to adult beverage consumption and purchase habits, showing that some demographics are drinking more and certain beverage categories are growing in popularity.

“Our goal is to help brands, retailers and others understand how consumer behavior is shifting when it comes to the growing alcoholic beverage category,” says Engracia Perez-Prada, Executive Vice President at AMC Global. “While it may not be surprising that people have been drinking more during this time, there are complexities to the data that are quite interesting. Various demographics are behaving differently, and we are seeing a propensity to try new beverage categories, based on convenience and other factors.”

Just a few of the insights included in the paper:

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages has shifted as the pandemic continues—with 27% of respondents reporting that they have been drinking more.

  • People seem to be experimenting more with their alcoholic beverages, as we found that 23% of consumers are also trying new-to-market or new-to-them beverages like spiked seltzers.

  • While convenience seems to play a role in beverage purchase decisions, sustainability is top of mind for consumers, with 67% now more aware of how their actions and the actions of others impact the environment, including the use of sustainable packaging.
“Americans are saying ‘Cheers’ more often” provides important metrics surrounding emerging alcohol purchasing and consumption habits, as well as an analysis of which behaviors may be here to stay. Access a complete copy of the paper here.

AMC Alcohol Consumption by Age
AMC Global has been exploring a number of topics with weekly and bi-weekly studies on consumer behavior and sentiment. Studies unveil important metrics about what people are buying and how they are viewing different brands that will help related businesses understand what their audiences are thinking and doing during the crisis. Updates are posted on the AMC Global blog at: