What Activities Do Americans Want to See Continue Post-Pandemic?

Posted by AMC Global on Apr 29, 2021 2:00:00 AM

People want some health, lifestyle, dining and shopping trends brought on by COVID-19 to continue

This week in the 28th wave of our ongoing AMC Global study with OpinionRoute, we asked Americans about the post-pandemic world and had them tell us what pandemic-related trends in different categories they might want to continue. Some areas of continuation respondents would like to see include new ways of dining, such as increased outdoor seating and food delivery, and healthcare changes like video chat appointments. People also cited a preference to continue more “shopping local” behaviors, shopping online, and making less grocery trips. In terms of lifestyle changes, the study shows Americans would like to continue the comfortable clothing choices made during the pandemic, and would also like to continue spending more time with their families.

You can see a full graphical representation of the study by clicking the callout below.

AMC Lifestyle-1

Key findings: 

  • Some pandemic-sparked  lifestyle trends Americans would like to see continue are wearing comfortable clothing (98%), spending more time with family (94%), and cooking meals at home (92%).

  • People would also like many dining behaviors made necessary by the pandemic to continue, including outdoor seating at bars and restaurants (83%), restaurant food delivery to car (68%), and using apps for ordering food delivery (54%).

  • Some shopping activities respondents would like to see continue are shopping at local independent stores (79%), fewer but larger trips to the grocery store (71%), and curbside delivery of non-food items (65%) as well as groceries (62%).

  • Health trends people would like to see continue include video visits with healthcare professionals (58%) and virtual workout classes (45%).  

A complete graphic representation of the activities people want to continue after COVID-19 can be found here.

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